Reports to the CEO/Visionary

The INTEGRATOR will have strategic oversight over all efforts related to identifying annual business targets, budget management, executing strategy, and employee management. This executive will act as second in command beneath the COMPANY founders, and will need exceptional execution and leadership skills. The INTEGRATOR must live the mission/values of COMPANY at all times and embody the leadership behaviors that he or she expects to see across the entire organization.

The role requires this executive to set the roadmap and objectives to achieve aggressive business goals. The candidate will be an analytically driven, resourceful, and creative professional, who enjoys the challenge of driving operations for a high growth consumer business.


  • Work closely with the co-founders to help define and build company strategy. Lead planning efforts to set strategic and operational goals for the organization with an eye towards growth. We are looking for a best in class manager to unify and align the team towards common goals.
  • Identify and execute on key growth opportunities, while maintaining the strong performance of the core business. The INTEGRATOR will partner with the co-founders to define the company’s growth strategy. The candidate will be part of developing a corporate understanding of COMPANY’s business risks, competitive landscape, and industry-wide (or niche) opportunities and contribute to the executive conversations pertaining to the direction and strategy of the company.
  • Partner with each department to understand the needs of each customer segment, application of current and future services to each segment, and movement of the customers through the lifecycle (new business to repeat customer).
  • Strategic Develop relationships/partnership opportunities with organizations that have similar audience or can extend COMPANY’s. This executive will partner closely with sales.
  • Develop Tracking Systems. The candidate will develop methods to track and evaluate the company’s success. This includes defining annual company goals, implementing KPI’s across departments, data collection, building dashboards for real time interpretation of results, establishing best practices and processes, and scalable systems. The INTEGRATOR will manage and allocate resources based on company strategy and
  • Budget Management. Partner with the finance department to monitor and maintain dashboards of financial related data key to the operations at COMPANY. Report these models to the founders and board as appropriate, maintaining tight controls over budget and spend
  • Project Monitor and report on the status of all projects, ensuring deadlines, and milestones are met. Set and meet aggressive initiatives and timelines, while ensuring the highest levels of quality. Ensure that the COMPANY team has necessary resources and mentorship to be successful.
  • Build Culture and Recruit a World-Class As INTEGRATOR the candidate will have responsibility to manage, recruit, and retain an extraordinary team and contribute to the overall culture of the company. This leader must believe internal brand is every bit as important as external.
  • Manage External Resources. Manage any/all external partners including third-party vendors,


  • 15+ years of experience in progressive roles within high-growth environments.
  • Experience with revenues scaling from $10M to $200M
  • Ideally experience owning a P&L.
  • Has led teams of 20-100+ including management of senior level employees in a growth company. Further management of distributed workforces a plus (construction project management would be ideal).
  • Proven ability to engage at the executive level of the organization, interfacing with key leaders across and up the chain to formulate plans and influence strategy
  • Focused on driving results by: building and managing clear roadmaps, expediting decisions that consider alternative solutions, and optimizing
  • Strong track record of developing and executing innovative growth and cost-cutting operational initiatives in an entrepreneurial and fast-moving
  • Proven ability to stay abreast of market and competitive
  • Demonstrated ability to coach, empower, and develop
  • Undergraduate degree required. Advanced degree


  • Mission driven. You believe in COMPANY’s vision and mission and approach everything through the mindset of achieving it.
  • You are self-motivating, self-aware, self-disciplined, self-improving – you are independent, proactive, and act like a leader. You don’t wait to be told what to do, and if you see something that needs to be done you act.
  • Player You serve as a strategic leader and an advisor to the other executives, while still bringing a willingness to be hands-on. You would not ask something of your team that you would not do yourself.
  • High You know right from wrong and are fully invested in doing the right thing at all times. You keep your word, follow through, and do what you say you will do.
  • You can feel the heartbeat of the organization. Others trust you and share with you.
  • You think outside the box; you can do more with less; you are resourceful and fiscally responsible in the pursuit of business objectives.
  • Team Oriented. Your team loves working for you; your colleagues love working with you; your manager loves having you in the boardroom and on their
  • You are willing to adapt as situations change and are comfortable with ambiguity.
  • You have a deep willingness to learn, realize that no one knows everything, and you are comfortable with that and willing to put the work in to acquire new skills as needed.
  • You can set operational targets and manage a cross-functional effort to achieve those targets.
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Accounting Software

  • Payables
  • Receivables
  • Job Labor Report (Journal Entries)
  • Paychex (Journal Entries)
    • Payroll is reported every other Tuesday at 3:00pm
    • All timesheets are turned in every Monday
    • Checks are dropped off on Wed. and paperwork is included.
  • Job Allocation Report (Journal Entries)
    • Go to Memorized Reports/Accountant/Overhead Labor Report(Cash Basis). Print report. Print Profit & Loss Standard (Cash Basis) for same time period as OH Labor Report.
  • Receipt Maintenance
    • Credit Accounts
      • Home Depot (reconcile)
      • American Express (reconcile)
      • Sherwin Williams (pay in full)
    • Reoccurring Payables
      • Huntington Bank Loan (due by date on note)
  • File Maintenance
    • Red (Working Office Files)
      • Emergency Work Authorizations
      • Work Authorizations
      • Billings
      • Receipt of Checks Received
      • Call Log Sheet
      • Final Estimates
    • Manila (Working Production Files)
      • All Production Notes
      • Working Estimates (ADS and/or Insurance)
    • Blue (Vendors Files)
      • Paid Bills with Paid Check stub attached
    • Manila (Subcontractors Paid Files)
      • Paid Bills with Paid Check stub attached
    • Yellow (Subcontractors Packet Office Files)
      • Information Packets (found in All Disasters-Subcontractor Packet)
    • Purple (Employee Files)
      • Applications
      • Request for time off
      • Write Ups
      • W4
      • Misc Employee Info
  • WIP
    • Everyone Work In Progress (Office Manager)
    • New Production Work In Progress
    • Collection Report (Office Manager)
  • Employee On Call Schedule
    • Update and Inform
  • IRA
    • Internet Pay on Monthly basis (calculations)
    • Log into Quickbooks
  • Mortgage Companies
    • Customer Information
      • Loan Number
      • Social Security Number
      • Phone and Name of Mortgage
    • Marketing Folders
      • Making sure there are enough for the salesman
      • Enough to be handed out


    • Quickbooks
      • Tenant Rent
        • Due on the 5th of each month
          • 24390 Lakeshore Blvd (8 units total)
          • W 44th
            • Water Bill
          • W32nd Up
          • W32nd Down
      • Reoccurring payables
        • Sky Bank Mortgage (Lakeshore Blvd)
        • Sky Bank Mortgage (22380 Lakeland Blvd)
        • First Federal (W 32nd) (automatic withdraw)
        • First Federal (automatic withdraw)
      • File Maintenace
        • Purple (Vendor Files)
        • Each property has separate File with subfiles
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Controller for Michigan Manufacturer of Highly Engineered and Machined Components

The Controller position is a key management position within the Company, and will be expected to be a value added participant in the continued profitable management of the Company, and play a key role in the development and execution of a long term growth strategy. The Controller will provide the leadership for the accounting team to provide sound financial analysis and advice to support strategic business decisions.   The Company has a collaborative management team, and the Controller will be expected to be a true “business partner” with the CFO and CEO and the other functional managers in the business. This is a key role in the continued growth of a PE platform company with exceptional opportunity for professional growth and exposure to the PE environment.

The Controller will have primary day-to-day responsibility for managing the accounting function, and will report directly to the CFO, along with fiduciary responsibility to the Private Equity owner. This will include direct responsibility for accounting, finance, forecasting and cost accounting. The Controller is expected to produce accurate and timely financial statements and work with the CFO to analyze results and drive corrective actions when budget shortfalls occur. The Controller will also be expected to maintain a strong system of internal controls to safeguard corporate assets, and ensure corporate policies are being followed.

This position provides a competitive salary and bonus plan as well as Company benefits.

Desired Competencies                                                  

  1. Successful hands-on experience leading an accounting function, as a Controller or Assistant Controller, in a manufacturing company.
  2. Experience with financial reporting, forecasting and financial analysis reporting, or similar experience.
  3. Experience in the development of annual budgets and forecast updates.
  4. Experience in an environment of successfully managing growth.
  5. Experience with commercial contracts dealing with customer and supply transactions and agreements.
  6. CPA license and/or MBA preferred.
  7. Experience with M&A evaluation and analysis, although not a prerequisite.


Primary Ongoing Functions and Skillsets 

Financial Management:

  1. Ensures sound internal financial management control systems and procedures are in place.
  2. Lead preparation of ongoing required financial statements and operating reports ensuring compliance with appropriate GAAP standards, and regulatory requirements.
  3. Reviews financial statements and operating reports with all parties.
  4. Reviews and directs all daily accounting functions.
  5. Oversees and ensures timely and accurate processing of transactions and accounting data and ensures legal and regulatory compliance regarding all financial functions.
  6. Strong cost accounting skills including “hands on” leadership in developing, implementing, and maintaining a comprehensive cost system.
  7. Assist in preparation of the financial presentation for meetings with the PE owner.
  8. Preparation / analysis of daily / weekly / monthly reports of key financial and operational metric trends.
  9. Initiates and optimizes appropriate strategies to enhance cash and working capital positions.
  10. Oversee / manage AR credit policies and collection activity to reduce DSO.
  11. Oversee / manage AP vendor payment policies to optimize DPO while maintaining vendor relationships and ensuring continued supply.
  12. Assess organizational performance against budgets with functional leaders and management team.

Strategic and Analytical:

  1. Displays orientation to profitability and aligns finance with strategic goals.
  2. Analytical abilities and solid communication skills as to what is driving results.
  3. Provide management team with business forecasts that convey timely insights as to prospective profit impacts of changes in selling prices/volumes and/or cost reductions as needed and as market conditions dictate that enable better management decision making.
  4. Develop and manage processes and systems to provide management team with timely financial and operational information in regards to Company performance compared to strategic/operation plan and make actionable strategic and tactical recommendations.
  5. Continuous focus on cost containment, cost reductions and overall improvement on improving VAOI (Valued Added Operating Income) and communication of strategies and executable action plans to management team.
  6. Play a key role with CEO, CFO and management team and PE Firm in key decisions pertaining to strategic initiatives and execution.

Relationship Building:

  1. Establishes credibility throughout the organization as an effective developer of solutions to business challenges.
  2. Ability to build solid working relationships across the organization including with management, workforce, customers, suppliers and other parties.
  3. Along with management assess and negotiate significant business relationships with customers and suppliers, and other parties.

IT and Technology:

  1. Proficiency with ERP and can leverage IT to gain efficiencies across the company.
  2. Demonstrates proficiency in all MS Office applications including Word, Excel, & Power Point.
  3. Proficiencies or experience with Plex ERP System or similar technology.

Key Personal Attributes:

  • Strong Leadership: A Proactive and Passionate Advocate for the Business.
  • Exceptional Technical Skills Tailored to the Business.
  • Sense of Urgency: “All Hands on Deck”.
  • A Proactive Partner with the management team.
  • Exhibits confidence in self and others; Inspires and motivates others to perform well. Willing to roll up sleeves and perform work as well as manage others.
  • Effectively influences actions of others; Accepts feedback from others; Gives appropriate recognition to others.
  • Creates a sense of team spirit and helps to create a positive work environment.
  • Ethics: Treats people with respect, keeps commitments; works with integrity and ethically. Upholds organizational values. Follows through on commitments. Not a silo builder.
  • Strategic Thinking: Develops strategies to help achieve departmental and company goals.
  • Oral/Written Communication Skills: Speaks/writes clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations. Listens and gets clarification.
  • Actively participates in meetings. Presents himself/herself in a well groomed professional manner.
  • Innovation: Displays original thinking and creativity. Meets challenges with resourcefulness, generates suggestions for improving work and develops innovative approaches and ideas.
  • Adapts to changes in the work environment, manages competing demands, changes approach or method to best fit the situation, able to deal with change, delays or unexpected events.
  • Strong organizational skills: versatile and able to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Strong work-ethic, detail-driven and a commitment to doing whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • Demonstrates exceptional follow through.

Travel Requirements:

  • Minimal travel.
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General Overview of Duties & Responsibilities:

    • The controller position is accountable for the accounting operations of the company, to include providing direction and control to the financial and accounting functions of the company by controlling the company’s assets, participating in the formation and implementation of financial plans, furnishing account information for planning and control, and providing general financial, accounting, and legal counsel on management decisions.
    • Participate, as a member of the executive group, in the strategic planning process and the formulation of company policy.

Specific Duties & Responsibilities:

Personnel Management:

      • Hire, develop, motivate, and review all subordinates in order to ensure effective and efficient accounting operations.
      • Ensure that a high level of competency is developed and maintained by the accounting staff by providing appropriate training and by promoting attendance at appropriate educational programs.
      • Conduct performance reviews and recommend salaries and salary adjustments for accounting staff.
      • Provide direction, advice and assistance to accounting personnel.


      • Maintain a documented system of accounting policies and procedures.
      • Manage outsourced functions as applicable.
      • Participate in the development of specific financial profit and growth objectives for the company both for the short-term and long-term periods.
      • Provide counsel with respect to the potential financial impact of major business decisions.
      • Coordinate and direct the preparation of the operating plan and financial budget covering current and projected revenue, direct and overhead expenses, profits, and return on investment together with supporting analysis.
      • Work with Human Resources (HR) to maintain and administer all employee benefit plans.
      • Assist in developing and maintaining appropriate business relationships with the company’s bankers, auditors, attorneys, insurers, subcontractors and suppliers.
      • Participate in appropriate community activities to enhance the reputation and goodwill of the company.
      • Undertake the duties and responsibilities of the role of Corporate Secretary.
      • Maintain and administer all business insurance programs.
      • Analyze, consolidate and direct all job cost accounting practices and ensures that project managers are trained and understand job cost accounting
      • Undertake such other assignments as directed from time to time by the Board of Directors, CEO or President.


      • Oversee the operation of the accounting department, including the ongoing evaluation and implementation of an organizational structure adequate for achieving the department’s goals and objectives.
      • Ensure that accounts payable are paid in a timely manner.
      • Ensure that accounts receivable are collected promptly. Act as a coordinator with management and accounting to secure prompt payment from owners. Pursue collection of problem accounts as required.
      • Maintain an orderly accounting filing system.
      • Manage the payroll to ensure timely process
      • Secure appropriate bonding and insurance as required by contracts.


      • Issue timely and complete monthly financial statements.
      • Recommend benchmarks against which to measure the performance of company operations.
      • Calculate and issue financial and operating metrics.
      • Supervise and monitor all accounting and reporting systems, procedures, practices, and systems of internal control to ensure soundness, timeliness, and accuracy of all financial and management
      • Approve all changes to established procedures, systems, and routines.
      • Review, control, and administer all contracts of the organization.
      • Advise on the company’s tax position and on the tax impact of alternative courses of action.
      • Participate in the preparation of the timely filing of the company’s tax returns.


      • Ensure that the company is in compliance with all government programs, including EEO, OSHA, and EPA in coordination with the President and various departments.
      • Supervise and be responsible for all legal matters of the company. Coordinate all legal activities among attorneys, managers, and President.
      • Provide professional advice and counsel, as required, to all company managers.
      • Oversee the annual CPA review, stock valuation process & administration of ESOP matters via hired consultants
      • Oversee 401k and ESOP stock plan administrators and plan execution.
      • Comply with local, state and federal government reporting requirements and tax filings.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

      • Bachelor’s degree or M.B.A. in Accounting, Finance or Business Administration or equivalent business experience.
      • Preference will be given to candidates with the Certified Public Accountant or Certified Management Accountant designations.
      • Minimum of 7 years accounting experience in a construction company with a minimum of 3 years as either a Controller or managing the project accounting function
      • Experience working in ESOP environments or having demonstrated experience with ESOP organizations would be beneficial.
      • Strong Excel skills
      • Experience with Timberline accounting software or similar construction accounting applications
      • Strong oral and written communication, problem-solving and leadership skills
      • Extremely organized, detail-oriented and able to manage multiple projects simultaneously
      • Experience with report writing tools (i.e.-Crystal Reports)

Physical Demands

      • Must be able to utilize a computer to perform data entry, word processing, and spreadsheet operations.
      • Must be able to communicate effectively with management, staff, and outside entities.
      • Will be required to safely walk, stand, reach with hands and arms, climb, balance, stoop, kneel, crouch, crawl, see and hear.
      • Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Work Environment

While performing the duties of this job, the employee may be exposed to outside weatherconditions at job sites, including wet and/or humid conditions, cold, and heat. For renovation work, hazardous material or conditions may be present in the existing building. The noise level at these sites may be unusually loud at times. Job sites are typically dusty.


      • Accounting: 8 years (Preferred)
      • Controller: 4 years (Preferred)


      • A valid CPA CMA or other related accounting designation (Preferred)


      • Health insurance
      • Dental insurance
      • Vision insurance
      • Retirement plan
      • Signing bonus
      • Paid time off
      • Flexible schedule
      • Parental leave

This Company Describes Its Culture as:

      • Detail-oriented — quality and precision-focused
      • Innovative — innovative and risk-taking
      • Stable — traditional, stable, strong processes
      • People-oriented — supportive and fairness-focused
      • Team-oriented — cooperative and collaborative

Compensation: $110,000.00 to $125,000.00 /year + Bonus Eligible

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REPORTS TO: Company President

SUMMARY The controller of the Company in the person who has the primary responsibility of producing periodic financial statements both for internal use as a tool to better run the business as well as to provide to the outside accountants for review.


  • Reconcile all balance sheet accounts and provide detailed backup as necessary.
  • Ensure monthly accruals are accurate
  • Participate in the creation of an annual budget and monitor profit target as well as spending targets
  • Monitor production efficiencies on jobs and ensure ownership is aware of problem projects
  • Monitor accounts receivable billings and collections
  • Produce financial statements monthly
  • Ensure accurate job costing reports are produced on a   timely basis
  • Act as the liaison between the outside accountants and ownership
  • Act as the liaison between the bank and ownership
  • Manage office personnel
  • Produce required management reports as required (IE. Flash Report, labor analysis, various financial reports)
  • Have an overall understanding of all functions in the office so as to ensure proper back up and training are available when necessary
  • Have an overall understanding of the various functions that affect the general ledger and financial statements
  • Represent the accounting department in management meetings and provide essential information as it relates to financial input required to make good business decisions
  • Operate as the local expert relative to Foundations or whatever software the company chooses to use
  • Act as the local expert as to the report writer in the software

Requirements and Qualifications:

  • Undergraduate or Associates Degree in Accounting or commensurate experience
  • 5 years bookkeeping/assistant controller experience in a construction environment including Job Costing
  • Working knowledge of Foundations
  • Ability to communicate with personnel at all levels of the organization
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office with a high level of fluency in Excel
  • Ability to work independently without significant supervision


The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

While performing the duties of this job, the employee sits, stands, and uses hands, arms and fingers to perform routine tasks. Normal vision and hearing is required.

Work Environment

The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Most of the Controller’s time is spent in the office, occasionally in the warehouse in researching an issue.


Payroll Specialist

AP Specialist

Inventory Specialist

Mathematical Skills

  • Ability to work with mathematical concepts and conversions.
  • Ability to work with statistical data and apply concepts such as whole numbers and fractions, ratios and proportions and work with measurement devices.
  • Ability to work with and convert units of production and convert those units to dollars.
  • Ability to accurately identify and analyze trends.
  • Ability to understand requests for proposals and convert those requests into the terms, standards and units of production and measurement utilized within the organization.

Reasoning Ability:

  • Ability to handle multiple and changing priorities concurrently.
  • Ability to work with practical problems and deal with a variety of variables.
  • Ability to interpret instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram or schedule form.
  • Ability to direct the emphasis and direction of others and groups in an orderly and professional fashion.
  • Ability to identify critical issues and recommend appropriate solutions in a timely manner.


The Controller has the authority to fulfill the duties and responsibilities outlined above and any other authority that may be granted by the President of the Company.


This is not an exhaustive list of responsibilities, skills, duties, requirements, effort, or working conditions associated with the job. While this list is intended to be an accurate reflection of the current position, the company reserves the right to revise the functions and duties of the job or to increase or decrease the scope of responsibilities of the position when circumstances dictate, as determined by the President.

I have carefully read and understand the contents of this position description. I understand the responsibilities, requirements and duties expected of me. I also understand that this position description does not constitute a contract of employment nor alter my status as an at-will employee. I have the right to terminate my employment at any time and for any reason, and the company has a similar right.

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