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Autobahn Assembler App (AAA)

Personalise The Autobahn Way chapters for your clients and prepare content/agendas for an upcoming session here:


NOTE: Use this feature to prepare files for clients. Use the green The Autobahn Way button above for a quick view of the content or for your personal perusal. 

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Client Dashboard

The sheet below is linked to a live Google Sheet that we can populate to any relevant client information we need to access on the fly. I have used Alcorn as a test line to demonstrate this.

I have added or removed a client/changed information/updated a link and need to change this information on the sheet to reflect this change. I understand that any breaking of this sheet will lead to The Creative Department using my email to subscribe to every JoJo Siwa communication channel that exists as well as the programming of your personal house hold Alexa’s to play the South African anthem at 4am every morning. By clicking on the following link you agree to these terms:

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