Autobahn New Client Sign-in and Preference Sheet

Welcome to your onboarding experience with Autobahn Consultants. When a new client joins us, I like to ask for the following information so that I can better understand where each leadership team member is coming from and where they want to go. This communication better allows me to “hit the ground running” at our meeting as well as understand your preferences.

All of your responses will be used to customize the strategic planning process to be a better fit for you and the company, so please err on the side of oversharing. If you are uncomfortable with any of the questions, don’t answer them, but the teams that answer more completely report that it was worth “going deep” on this questionnaire.

Regarding your Home Address – This field is required because I like to send personalized books to team members from time to time that may be of service. Your home address will not be used for any other purpose than for me to occasionally send you a gift to help you on your journey. If you are someone who doesn’t like awesome gifts, you can leave it blank!

Preferred Form of Communication
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This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.