How we help your business grow

“On the right track, it’s safe to drive fast”

Many entrepreneurs feel like their business is a disaster, or that their life is a disaster because of their business.

Can you relate?

We help companies worldwide that are on the fast track for growth (or disaster!)—to achieve their vision of success by providing business strategy and creating scalability using the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

Jonathan working on the Entrepreneurial Operating System® with Camelot Homes in Scottsdale, Arizona

Jonathan facilitating the Entrepreneurial Operating System

Freije-RSC, a specialty contractor in Indianapolis, working to create their accountability chart

Autobahn Consultants’ Vision

Why I started Autobahn Consultants

During my time in investment banking working on mergers and acquisitions, I got to ride shotgun to see how leaders of different size companies lead. The leadership that gets a company to one level of success won’t get it to the next level. The skills must evolve, and executives aren’t born knowing how to do that; they have to learn.

As an EOS Implementer, I focus on helping specialty contractors get what they want from their businesses. I implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System, with teams just like yours.

I practiced what I preach using the Entrepreneurial Operating System to run my own entrepreneurial ventures including my award winning franchises and The Velocity Summit!

Jonathan Slain

The Governor

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