“On the right track, it’s safe to drive fast”


Growing contracting, staffing and entrepreneurial companies around the world that are either on a fast track for growth or fast track for disaster. Owners who are willing to make tough decisions regarding their people and their strategies to reach the next plateau and beyond.

We deliver the little something extra you’re not expecting that brings you joy.

We put on our own oxygen masks first to make sure we’re still alive to support others!

We take chances… Unless we miss sometimes, we’re not trying hard enough!

We pursue disruptive, 10x improvement, not incremental gains.

What does it look like?

  • 20+ really engaged clients who bring me joy to work with
  • Travelling to fun cities around the world to meet with clients and speak at conferences
  • Growth is 100% by referral, speaking engagements, and people who have read my book(s)
  • At least two books published, Rock the Recession and Rock Your Life
  • I have a great group of sub-contractors working with me to help my clients succeed
  • Our clients are achieving Dream Outcomes and I am joining them in exotic locations to celebrate!

Dream Outcomes


Companies that want to double top and/or bottom line


100% Money Back; Many Questions Asked

Why I started Autobahn Consultants

During my time in investment banking working on mergers and acquisitions, I got to ride shotgun to see how leaders of different size companies lead. The leadership that gets a company to one level of success won’t get it to the next level. The skills must evolve, and executives aren’t born knowing how to do that; they have to learn.

Jonathan Slain

The Governor

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