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Jade Chang Sheppard

Gideon USA
YPO member

Jonathan and Paul have been my dream team to grow Gideon USA. Working with Jonathan, we’ve clarified our vision, simplified our scorecard, and our meetings have gone from boring to Wow! Along the way, Paul has provided strategic guidance and helped ensure we’re working on the right goals to take Gideon to the next level.

Lynlee Altman

Founder & Owner
Pinnacle Construction
EO & YPO Member

Jonathan has added massive value to my business as our Traction facilitator. Frankly, I think of him more as a part-time member of our management team than a consultant. Beyond Traction, he has helped me think about succession planning for Pinnacle and my long-term life plan. Plus, he specializes in working with contractors, so I haven’t had to waste time explaining to Jonathan what a PM does or how our industry is unique. He just gets it!

Sheila Cox

Selectemp Employment Services

I am the type of person who likes to get [email protected]&* done! That’s why I love working with Jonathan. He does not mince words and he doesn’t waste time. My entire management team is currently made up of women and Jonathan totally rolls with us. We are constantly engaging with him outside of our meetings and consider him a part of the Selectemp family!

Mike Webster

Owner & CEO
YPO member

As a company with over 250 employees, we were surprised at how quickly Jonathan was able to help us make an impact . Using Traction, we’ve massively improved our communication, vision, and team health. Jonathan cuts to the core of issues and provides a guiding hand to keep us on track. I credit Jonathan with helping to start our turnaround in 2017 and we are now on track for a very profitable year.

Cammie Beckert

Managing Director
Camelot Homes
YPO member

Jonathan was referred to me by a construction industry forum mate in YPO and I am very thankful. Over the past six months, our management team has evolved so much. I wasn’t sure if my parents, the owners of the company, were going to take to the Traction process, but Jonathan sold them and now he’s delivered. We’re looking forward to him attending our first ever State of the Company Address because he has helped transform our vision and develop core values that we really believe in.

Mark Hancock

Founder & Owner
Camelot Homes

Before Jonathan, our homebuilding company in Scottsdale was doing pretty good, but since Jonathan joined our team, it’s added rocket fuel to our vision, values, and company meetings. We’ve never been so confident that we’ll hit our big hairy audacious goals. And, I’m always surprised at how fast the days with Jonathan go by!

Julie Hancock

Owner & Managing Director
Camelot Homes

What I love about Jonathan is that he listens. From day 1, he has been engaged with our family business. We look forward to our Traction meetings! He keeps us on track at the meetings (no easy feat) and checks-in with us regularly in-between to make sure we’re staying accountable to the process. Jonathan’s so much more than a hired gun, last time he was in town, we all went indoor skydiving together! I’d recommend that anyone considering hiring him just take the plunge!

Mary Messuti


Jonathan, when it comes to facilitating a meeting online, you get a 12 out of 10!

Michael Barrett

Sales Director

I was suspect of conducting an all-day online meeting, but Jonathan far exceeded my expectations.  The way that he integrated technology made it very entertaining.  Keeping a sales guy engaged for six hours over Zoom is quite a feat!

Brandon Berumen

President and CEO
LEI Companies

You have given me a new outlook on my future Jonathan, I have found an energy in working with you and Traction that I hadn’t seen since 2015…

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Let us know how we helped your business by leaving a raving testimonial!