Our Trusted Partners

***DISCLAIMER – I want to be clear that I consider all of the people on this page to be friends, as well as trusted colleagues. I also want it to be clear that I don’t receive any financial compensation for referring people to use their services. I want you to understand that I am referring them purely because I believe they are the best at what they do and I want to share their brilliance with my clients!***

10X CEO Coaching, LLC
Paul has been my mentor and coach for over 7 years, we originally met thru the EO/YPO mentorship program! Over the years, Paul has helped me to establish my first life plan and 10X my income! Today, we are friends and business partners. We often refer our clients to one another; Paul focuses on CEO coaching and I focus on strategic planning. We are continuing to increase our team approach including hosting summits together and working on a book together! Paul isn’t always taking on new clients for executive coaching, but if he is available, the experience will be life changing for you if it’s anything like what I’ve experienced!

Paul Belair

The guys at Patronus are my go to for everything marketing and IT! What I love about them is that they are full service. Here is a list of everything they’ve done for me recently: designed a new logo, built multiple websites, designed and ordered new business cards, transferred everything from my old laptop to my new laptop, fixed issues with my email, found a software program to serve as my CRM and set it up for me! Honestly, I can’t remember the last time that I asked them for help on something related to IT/Marketing and they said “no.” Plus, they’re really smart, fun and easy to work with. I don’t understand how they can be so good at everything and still be responsive… They’re the best.

Frank Wasinski

Kristy is the only recruiter who I recommend for the specialty contractor world because she specializes on this industry and is very good. Plus, she charges far less than the competition (I’m guessing because she runs a boutique firm and has low overhead) so I encourage everyone to use her because she is good and she isn’t crazy expensive, which is a rare combination! I also love that she will learn your company’s core values and use those to help her screen candidates before sending them to you. How awesome is that?

Kristy Sifford

Culture Index- San Antonio
*** WARNING*** I am a behavioral profiling addict! I love the DiSC, Myers-Briggs, Culture Index, all behavioral profiles. I can’t get enough of them and I’ve even written articles about them. But, the top thing I’ve learned over the years is that the real difference maker is having an expert, like Doug, on my team to help me interpret and understand the results. Otherwise, I feel like it’s like trying to read your own x-ray. Sure, I can tell if a bone is broken on the x-ray, but it takes a doctor to know how severe it is and what the best course of treatment is. Doug is the Culture Index doctor! He is the best in the business and always helps my clients improve their hiring, team health, and overall culture. Plus, his radical candor, and sometimes brutal honesty, is very refreshing!

Doug Kisgen

The M. Ryan Group
Michael is my go to for guys that know how to help you turn your frozen inventory into cash. Michael is a force of nature. He will come into your business for a week, help you determine projects to free up cash and improve your business and then can help you implement those changes. He understands LEAN, inventory management, and the fundamentals of manufacturing.

Michael Ryan