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2019 Slain Family Quest Board!

2019 Slain Family Quest Board!


If you want to read the scariest post I’ve ever published on Linkedin, read on…  It’s Dec 29, 2018 and Katherine (my wife) and I have just finished the fourth iteration of our “Family Quest Board.”  We have a huge whiteboard in our office and you can see what’s on it below.  That’s the scary part!  

We’ve never publicly posted our quest board before, but we figured if it could inspire some people (and hold us more accountable) then the risk would be worth the reward.  This is the fourth year that Katherine and I have created a quest board and while we haven’t completed every quest, we have accomplished more than we ever hoped.  And, this is the first year that we’ve included our 6 and 8 year old girls in the process.

I created a PDF template of the Quest Board, if you want a copy, just email me at Jonathan@Recession.com and I can also send you a longer article I wrote on how I got into life planning in the first place!

Here’s to planning on 2019 being the best year yet!




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