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In October 2018, I decided that it had been too long since I got a complete physical at the doctor, so I decided to go out to San Diego to go to the Human Longevity Clinic’s Health Nucleus program.

The program is an executive physical on steroids, with a half day of testing using state of the art equipment. Attached you’ll see the “menu” of tests that they include. The session cost $2950 when I attended.


A few highlights:

  • The program is part of a clinical trial, so you get updates as they discover cures to whatever ailments/illnesses you might uncover
  • The testing is well choreographed and uses state of the art technology and equipment, it’s worth the price of admission just to see how well executed a business can be (think of the Ritz Carlton’s famous service meets the doctor’s office)
  • During the day I had a private lounge area stocked with snacks so that I could wait comfortably between tests (I actually looked forward to the waiting room!)
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At the end of the day, a radiologist reads the results of the MRI in the room with you (above is a picture of my heart!) and then there are two follow up calls after your visit to discuss the results of your bloodwork and the results of your DNA testing. 

If you’re interested, you can contact Bev at Health Nucleus:

Beverly Hobbs | Client Care Coordinator
Human Longevity, Inc. | 4570 Executive Drive | San Diego, CA 92121
O: 858-864-1138 | C: 858-945-2095 | bhobbs@humanlongevity.com

Perhaps my favorite finding was that my fatty liver percentage was only 3.1%!  (Apparently anything under 4.0% means my liver is very healthy!)  I guess I can keep enjoying my red wine and sake!



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