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  If you want to read the scariest post I’ve ever published on Linkedin, read on…  It’s Dec 29, 2018 and Katherine (my wife) and I have just finished the fourth iteration of our “Family Quest Board.”  We have a huge whiteboard in our office and you can see what’s on it below.  That’s the scary part!   We’ve never publicly … Read More

Secrets of Networking

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How the CEO of a $3 Billion Company Works an Expo Recently, I spent an evening hanging out with the CEO of a $3.6 billion company based in Minneapolis. We were at a conference held by YPO (the Young President’s Organization) at the Trump Hotel in Washington DC. We walked and talked at an expo held for the construction industry. … Read More

Lessons learned at the February 2018 YPO Construction Industry Roundtable Event

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  Lessons learned at the February 2018 YPO Construction Industry Roundtable Event   What I’m Doing Now to Prepare for the Next Downturn (Panel Discussion) Betsy Mack – Mack Industries Betsy is the catchphrase queen and my two favorite catchphrases from her talk: During the Last Downturn: “Concrete – It’s tougher than you think” “You’re Growing or You’re Dying” Daren … Read More

Slain’s 2018 Reading List

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Each month, I try to read at least 2-3 books. I go back and forth between business books and interesting biographies. For 2018, I’ve put my favorite books from the past year on this list. I also included a few oldies, but goodies! I probably should have also listed all the books to avoid that I tried reading… I highly … Read More

The Walk-About: A Real World Tactic to Facilitate Key Conversations

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Do you ever have to have a tough conversation with a key employee at your company and you put it off because you aren’t quite sure how you want to approach it? Maybe you need to discuss their recent performance at the business?  Maybe you’re disappointed with key aspects of their role?  Maybe you need to ask them to take … Read More

Artificial Intelligence accurately guessed my AGE, sex and MOOD at a conference just by taking a picture of my face!

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I had the opportunity to attend a conference this week where the topic was how the Built Industry including contractors and construction companies are going to handle workforce needs in the future.  We all know that there is a shortage of great people in the contracting industry and that the statistics show a decreasing number of millennials being interested in … Read More

A Silver Bullet for Hiring the Right People

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One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2017 is to systematize hiring the right people.  In my experience, hiring is always a major issue at companies from $1 million to $100 million in revenue.  The problem is that we rarely have systems to help make it manageable, and since it’s one of the most important drivers of growth, owners and … Read More